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Team up with “PowerbacK Productions”

Svet Kant is extremely happy and proud to announce that has joined forces with U.S. record label “PowerbacK productions”. After some online meetings and hangouts with CEO Nygyl Bryyn and…

Svet Kant featured in “Monsters of Heavy” compilation

Svet Kant is delighted to announce it has been featured in the “Monsters of Heavy” compilation album released by our friends at Xmetal-Empirex, where we also have our own social profile….


After a long a search, some really good moments, others not so great, some divas that came and went, and some awesome musicians that just didn’t appear at the right…


Dear Fans, it’s been a while since our last post so this is a catch-up and an apology for being M.I.A. Check out our new sections: Merch Store (official merch…


Greetings everyone, please feel free to check our UPDATED MEDIA section with brand new TABS menu. In there (and periodically) the OFFICIAL TABS  for our brand new “Loneliness” will be…


So you want to scream out loud and sing along in your car, in the street and in school our fantastic lyrics? Sigh no more my friend!!! We’ve updated our…


Hi folks, now that the record is out and we’ve re-based to Dublin, the process of getting the definitive line-up has started. So far we’ve got 2 guitars, 1 vocals…

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