Chapter 2 [2013 – 2015]

The consolidation of the family

After moving from Buenos Aires to Dublin and starting a new life, SANTIAGO KODELA started looking for talented musicians able to fit Svet Kant, and with the passion that this kind of music deserves.

The search wasn’t easy and it took more than planned, but after a lot of struggle, searching around the city, the internet, the heavy pubs and metal concerts; Svet Kant’s first official new member arrived:  LIAMROY.

Liamroy brought in the positive vibes and attitude this band requires.  His constant sacrifice and unconditional passion for the band makes him an unique and key element of this family.  Having studied the 6-stringed instrument formaly, he brings his classical and contemporary music studies into a place where they won’t be wasted.

Liamroy joined Santiago in the pursuit of the remaining members to complete the line-up.  The task remained difficult but never-ending, and after some failed attempts and some non-gratae personas that came and wend, the band came across the experience and maturity of a new bass player:  NOFACE BLACKGHOSTKNIFEFISHCREEPSHOW.

Noface’s cool vibe blended in perfect harmony with Liamroy and Santiago’s personalities.  Though some rehearsals were set for the band members to start sharing more than just the music, an important element was missing, the drums.

For obvious reasons, and for scarcity of drummers in general, this quest was particularly long, however hope was nevfffer lost and by combining the efforts of the 3 current band members the final position was filled. Romain West moved to Dublin by early 2014, and after getting to know Santiago and the other members, a first rehearsal was set.  Pieces started falling together and the band had its first rehearsals.  After each rehearsal the band grew individually and as one.  The members got to know each other and shared more than just music.  The pieces blended correctly into one, but without losing their own personality.

Right now!

Currently the band is rehearsing on a tight basis and according to a plan.  The nature of the tracks and their lenght pushes each member to its limit, and slowly, but constantly, the beast grows and waits to be unleashed.

In addition to some fantastic reviews and comments from fans all over the world, a constanly growing fan-base across the different social media plataform, and the feature on a compilation CD called “Monsters of Heavy”; Svet Kant currently got signed to an american record label called PowerbacK Productions.  The band closes 2014 as a “transition and cog-tightening year”, and is set to start 2015 with a constant series of gigs and presentations to show their art and unique approach to music to the world.  In addition, the tracks for an upcoming record have already been written and will start to be rehearsed and polished to be able to deliver a new record in the upcoming years.

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