2017 and what to expect

Svet Kant will focus the year 2017 primarily to delivering a top-notch both production and music-wise album entitled “The Visage Unbiased”.

The band will focus on finishing to compose and finalise all the subtleties and details of the new album.  “The Visage Unbiased” will be recorded at a renowned studio in Dublin city centre under the supervision of Santiago Kodela, between the months of August and September.

In addition to this important stepping-stone, the band will continue with a series of shows around Ireland, mainly (but not only) self-organized and promoted in order to continue showcasing their unique approach to music.

Team-up with Pale Giant Entertainment

Svet Kant announces a new partnership with recently established booking and promo agency Pale Giant Entertainment.

The band will be working closely with this new and exciting agent with the objective of spreading the band’s unique art.  Focused on the live performance of the band, Pale Giant Entertainment will work and promote the band’s live performances and appearances within Irish territory.

Connect with Pale Giant Entertainment on:

New Merch

Svet Kant is extremely happy to present its first official T-shirt!

You can get them both for Men and Women and in the classical sizes (S-M-L).

You can get them from the band’s Merch store and at merch booths at gigs.

With every T-shirt you’ll get a free business card with links and info of all Svet Kant’s social media and contact details.


Svet Kant part ways with Powerback Productions

After a long analysis and reflection, Svet Kant decided to part ways with U.S. label Powerback Productions.

The reasons are strictly professional and are related to the distance plus the need to focus on Irish territory before expanding to new markets overseas.

Svet Kant wishes the best of success to all the Powerback Productions team and hopes to see its roster of bands on tour anytime soon.

Definite definite line-up

Svet Kant is proud to finally announce its definite definite line-up.  Daragh Kenny has joined Svet Kant as a permanent drummer (having started as a session drummer originally) and has been gigging with the band from August 2015.

The band is extremely happy with his incorporation, musicianship and human persona; and has already performed across diverse counties on countless occasions.  Svet Kant is set to continue touring the Irish territory and promoting its first record Loneliness.

Additionally, a new record is in the process of being written and developed; this the new album is set to be recorded in 2017 but studio and producer are yet to be defined.

Check Daragh’s full profile HERE.

Bandsintown profile

Follow Svet Kant and stay up to date about when and where the band is playing with this helpful app.  You can also track and share the past, present and future dates with information about the venue, line-up and any other relevant information concerning the event.

New video, new album and website updates

Svet Kant is extremely happy to announce the release of its first ever official lyric video for the song “Nature’s Hatred” which can be seen HERE or both on the band’s YouTube channel or new Vimeo account.

On another topic, after a busy end of year gigging around Ireland and becoming friending with great artists and musicians; the band is back on the process of writing new music and started rehearsing new songs for what will be the second full LP.

The website has been updated with pictures from the road and gigs, which can be seen in the MEDIA section.


Svet Kant is happy to announce its debut performance at The Lock-up Festival in Dundalk, Ireland.

Following the sad news of the drummer disappearing out of the blue on already booked shows and finding a replacement in a short period of time, the band is extremely happy to announce its debut live performance on the magic scenery of the Bellurgan House in Dundalk.

This will the band’s first ever gig so it will be very special and to remember.  There are more shows already booked and in the meantime, the band will continue to rehearse and keep on writing new material.

This and more gigs will be announced in the TOUR DATES section.

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall”

Svet Kant is happy to announce that, after the unexpected and sudden disappearance of its former drummer, a sensational and trustworthy replacement has joined forces with the band.

Daragh Kenny (Morality/Three-Armed decoy) joins Svet Kant as a session drummer for the time being and has already proven to be a worthy candidate with his drumming skills and expertise behind the kit.

The band will resume its rehearsal and practice schedules on a weekly basis while continuing to promote its debut album Loneliness and working on new material.

In addition to this great news, you can check Svet Kant’s new INSTAGRAM profile for more day-to-day pictures and media.

Team up with “PowerbacK Productions”

Svet Kant is extremely happy and proud to announce that has joined forces with U.S. record label PowerbacK productions.

After a series of online meetings and calls with CEO Nygyl Bryyn and A&R Xena Fuertes both parties came to an agreement and teamed up to make this new alliance a strong one.  Svet Kant and PowerbacK Productions will be working together from now on to bring the game to a new level.

PowerbacK Productions is a new record label that has incorporated to its roster a wide variety of bands from around the globe and that will help them achieve their goals and expand their reach.

This is a really important step in the band’s career and is exactly what it needs to keep on pushing with their unique music style.

This is exactly what the band needs, a small company that cares about its roster and artists, and that will work with them side by side for both of the parties to keep on growing and increasing their fan base.