Svet Kant - Loneliness

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(all lyrics by Santiago Kodela)

1. The peace within loneliness (instrumental)
2. The radical cleansing
3. An infinite curse
4. Delivering beasts
5. This redundant humanity
6. To demonize the unknown
7. Smothered by this race
8. Nature’s hatred


2. The radical cleansing


The whores of religion!


We all think some people are better off dead,

but who will carry the burden of killing them?


Will you? I won’t!!

Cleanse this from me!!

I will erase all that breeds pain,

Enough of this, enough for me!


Heir of sorrow, bringer of lies…


It’s easier for you to sell your soul,

than to keep your values that matter the most.


Don’t hold to what was imposed to you,

I won’t care for stupid fools.

I’ll care for the ones who deserve to,

those who are my beloved ones.


Is this your real face or it’s just a mask?

Something that many lack: the bless of trust

All you do is what then comes to you

this blind negation will affect you too.


Where is your honesty?

Did you loose your courage?

Look at what you became.


Time has arrived now I will apostate,

cleanse all that smothers not to suffocate.

Purge of me of this before I collapse,

this will bring greatness and peace to my mind.


All the filth you spew is all that you represent,

all that I abhor and lack of.


These paths where you stand I will not ever follow,

peaceful now at mind finally.


Clearest dawns for me infinite paths to follow,

inside we all hold the key to joy or sorrow.


I’ll pursue my higher self,

expand the boundaries of this shell.

I’ll submerge into my deepest unknown,

reaching the un-achievable…

where the impossible is broken,

last! The radical cleansing is done…


3. An infinite curse


Black holes for eyes am I hollow inside?

Curse upon me venom fed through deceit.

Reach out his hand made of ashes and sand,

so here you stand facing void in your mind.


Time needs no healing, life flows regardless any of us!

We are a species that houses both majesty and decadence.


PAIN! Can you feel what you are doing him?

Mourn once never more shed all your pain in just one tear.

Arise or live as a slave! – Is this what you craved for?


A whisper from a forsaken ghost:

“Sanity abhorred! Complete deceit based upon remorse of blind followers;

never obey or you will fall prey of what you reject.

Believe your own passion for only it will bring you peace”


All have a weakness know it and you’ll tame all behemoths and insects;

Do you feel like a wolf between lambs? can’t you see you are the prey?

This curse on me, mind overwhelmed; senses lost with every breath


(We need to live life for those who unfortunately couldn’t,

for those who bring joy with every breath they take.

Before them I shall bow, so should you)


My eyes stare at the nothingness of your shallow image.

At the corner of this sphere you will find GOD!


Please do not burden your happiness on me,

for it’s a weight too great to have on my back.


As my senses fade I can see and observe

the true nature of this race, we ain’t the same.


There is a beast we are all serving, it’s inside of us;

hidden at sight, the quest to hunt this beast we despise began…

Soils swept, seas dried; we are approaching! FORTH TO KILL THE BEAST!

Finally trapped we awed in sorrow, mirror shows the worst….


4. Delivering beasts


We all serve our inner beast, faceless breathing us deceit;

this keeps nurturing our sons, will we ever stop?


Do you know what’s that you are carrying, growing in your womb?

Nurtured from your soulless void, don’t blame this unwanted child


“Mother what’s this you are feeding me with?

Father is this your sacred legacy?”


So perennial and yet so ephemeral we are all;

they will feed in with the most deep form of hate, it’s all wrong!


A beast we have all conceived, not pain we should give him peace.

End this bloodline of deceit, born in pure misanthropy.


STOP! It’s not late for this child we have bred,

we must save its pure soul from the void and pain this race

lives and gives to all its sons; we must stop this right now!


One soul is killed each time we lie, this feeds our beast.

Don’t pass your fears and failures to your “loved” son.

We are delivering beasts into this world,

the unborn child is feeding on your deceit.


A beast we have all conceived, not pain we should give him peace.

End this bloodline of deceit, born in pure misanthropy.


5. This redundant humanity


Born, grown, torn, mourned…

Life still repeats…


A systematic plague sweeping it all

Learnt nothing from none, consuming like drones

Redundant humanity what are we? BEASTS!

All we will mourn our sons; stop this, our curse!


All you do is just follow as a drone,

Please don’t wake from this nightmare for it is much less

painful than life and all that it is brought within it

Predictable we are since forever,

to this life I’ll never surrender what I have believed it’s true.


A dagger pierced you in the back, can’t understand

“I’ll be there” once more is recalled, another lie!


I can’t feel this wound healing is it repeating again

I do no understand why can’t we learn yet, a constant spiral into death.

After knowing the truth you still listen, a link torn and yet you believe…


Our race, our curse…

Bound to blindness!


6. To demonize the unknown


A different view is the reason for a massacre,

an eerie creature ends up being the darkest of demons.

The massacre of one soul is the grand slaughter of life itself,

the dormant beast inside all of us waits the awake of fear!


Don’t bury what’s unknown!


A blessing upon me to be seized a curse on you: ENVY!

The jealousy in your secrets drains all of your life and soul

Always diminishing what you can not understand nor see,

The ways of existence aren’t explained in a god nor man!


To demonize the unknown is to fear yourself!


Dry are the oceans of the acceptance,

all brings discordance into this dead man.

Tolerance is gone from all this,

Demonize all that is not known.


No voices will come, to save our mankind;

savior I am not, nor your unseen gods.

Answers lie in what you believe,

follow your paths that give you life.


Questions and riddles lie in our inner self nature and all that we must,

try to find and unwind through out our life

To fear the unknown is to close imagination and all hope

to survive the ghost of numbness and lies.


Open your self to chances of life or close your desires and you’ll die inside.

Cloak all your feelings to stop from healing, IMAGINATION is RESURRECTION!


7. Smothered by this race


Standing in these vast deserts I’m free of what smothers me,

loneliness became the best friend…

Insects lacking all feelings, sinking planets into hunger!


Humanity breeds greed that kills humanity…


Submission to an unseen creature the creation of god: perfect con

We still love to destroy despite our capacity to create.

Creating bloodlines of misanthropy; a taste of deception lingers in me…


The flaws that fed this race will as well starve it to death, I won’t be this way.

Images that deceive your thoughts, a war that rages inside all of us!

A smothering race that infects and plagues all life,

The suffocation grows with every breath I take.


A creature so complex; like no one, can’t unwind…


I’ll never fall in the hypocrisy of mourning an unknown death

It’s depressing how people change when driven by ambitions and greed.

Does your end justify the mean? This is our last call!


I’ll crave for loneliness and the peace found in it.

Would you diminish the rest for your own ascent?

This race breeds duality: proud and shame are we?

Swallowed hatred for too long, how will this surface?


The warmest embrace drench in lies, we are blind when we want to.

Although some times truth hurts it’s the best way to open our eyes.

Death is the shadow that follows us from sunrise;

destiny: nothingness within none!

Time devours everything; time devours every pain!


8. Nature’s hatred


Finally this came to its end; abuses have reached their final count.

Nature laughs while we all drown

This ain’t all just keep on pushing life dry.


Insects are to us what we are to nature.


Is this what evolution brought?

This race slowly involving.


All we do is another wound to earth, this is something we will never reverse;

we are the first in the line damned, and we smile ignorant.

We can’t hide our wastes they are the product of our devouring.

a wound so deep we gave this planet, a deep grave we gave shape.


Her cold eyes watch our pests and plagues cleansed to oblivion!


A tear of sympathy shed to this water-grave, peace now broken.

A rage avenges all of our disgraces, her ghost won’t stop haunting until we

give back all that we have taken her.


We will all be forsaken, we will not at all be forgiven.

“I will erase insects with delusions of gods,

clear my dominions I’ll sweep them all;

peace will return to this sacred place”


Nature’s hatred will erase the existence of the human race and all of his son.

In the eyes of a child lies the existence of immense innocence.

“The hollow desires of this race and the misery that they create;

will no longer suffocate this earth; human kind time has passed”

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